Respect Our House; Extinguishing Bullying Train-the-Trainer

Alisa Arnoff, Carol Brown, Shely Carter, Dr. Sabrina RicksGrant

This 4-hour workshop accompanies the Respect Our House course and allows you to become an instructor for the IAFC Bullying, Harassment and Workplace Violence Task Group.  This interactive class gives you the foundation on how to prepare to teach the Respect Our House class as well as all the class materials you need to instruct on your own. The Task Group has simple requirements and guidelines that we will ask you to follow once you become one of our Trainers. Due to the nature of Respect Our House, we also encourage you (but not required) to get a ‘buddy instructor’ from a nearby department in order to help get this important message on ‘Extinguish the Bullying’ out to the fire service.  When you leave this class, you will have not only all the information you need to instruct it, but will also get practice teaching portions of the class.  You will learn to successfully manage your time as an instructor, answer student questions and feel confident to teach an important and much needed topic. Note: Attending the entire Respect Our House - Extinguish Bullying class is required prior to attending the Train The Trainer course. We also require a minimum of the Fire Instructor 1 certificate as well as previous teaching experience (we do not recommend that this class become one of your first to instruct).  Come help us make a difference in the fire service! 

Thu 3:49 AM - 12:00 AM