Adaptive Fireground Management

Christopher J. NaumRiverfront B

Today more than ever, understanding the complexity and variations of building construction, the effects of fire dynamics on fire suppression operations while monitoring structural integrity and compartment safety is a must. Building Construction, Occupancy Risks along with Building Anatomy and the Predictability of Building Performance under fire conditions have a profound influence on the management of operations, identification of tactical protocols and deployment of resources. Understanding key inherent performance characteristics, their variables and influence on command decision-making methodologies incorporating an Adaptive Fireground Management (AFM) model will be presented.

Christopher, Chief, Training Command Institute — A 45-year fire service veteran and a highly regarded national and international instructor, author, lecturer and fire officer, he is a distinguished authority on building construction issues affecting the fire and emergency services and has traveled throughout the United States and internationally delivering training programs on building construction, command management and operational safety.  A former architect and fire protection engineer, and a former Adjunct Instructor with the National Fire Academy he was the 1987 ISFSI George D. Post National Fire Instructor of the Year. He is the Chief of Training for the Command Institute, Center for Fireground Leadership and is a Consultant to NIOSH (USA) Firefighter Fatality Investigation & Prevention Program and a well-respected Fire Protection, Management and Operations Consultant. He has been lecturing and instructing throughout the United States and internationally for over thirty-six years. His previously service included Fire Command, Fire Protection & Safety at a US nuclear power plant, over twenty years in field operations & suppression as a commanding company officer in New York and Training & Fire Academy and College academic curricula administration and management.
Mon 3:16 PM - 12:00 AM