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The Fayetteville Fire Department is excited to announce the 2023 open recruitment period. Both entry level and lateral entry applications will be accepted through 01/13/2023. Lateral Entry candidates may be eligible for up to $3,000 in hiring incentive bonuses.

1.      Respond to emergency and non-emergency incidents; provide appropriate services as required including emergency rescue and fire suppression; perform search and rescue for trapped or injured persons; perform emergency medical and first aid services as needed; perform fire investigation activities; prepare a variety of response reports regarding emergency incidents as assigned.

2.      Drive and/or operate numerous types of rescue, emergency and fire suppression equipment and apparatus as necessary; operate, inspect, repair and perform other technical tasks related to maintaining the apparatus, equipment, and facilities in the area of assignment.

3.      Participate in cleaning and maintaining facilities, grounds, equipment, apparatus and hydrants within a respective district; ensure that appropriate conditions are maintained at assigned facility; ensure that all equipment and apparatus is in a constant state of readiness for emergency calls.

4.      Participate in a variety of fire prevention operations, activities and programs including training, fire investigations; code enforcement and equipment operation and maintenance; participate in activities and operations in response to natural disasters, major accidents, incidents involving hazardous materials, and other emergency situations; identify, analyze and avoid hazardous and dangerous situations.

5.      Respond to a variety of hazardous materials incidents; perform defensive or offensive activities which will be dependent upon levels of certification in accordance with state and federal regulations; maintain knowledge and training about hazardous materials.

6.      Study street and occupancy locations in assigned district; study building plans and fire prevention systems in buildings in assigned district.

7.      Assist with transportation of patients to medical care facilities; evaluate the condition of patients and assess pertinent information about medical profile and injuries; determine treatment in accordance with EMT training; maintain contact with medical facility to prepare for patient arrival.

8.      Participate in a variety of activities requiring travel including off-site inspections; respond to incidents on an on-call basis and under emergency conditions; participate on boards and committees.

9.      Use departmental computer equipment to input, review and access records, information and other various data.

10.   Participate in educational programs for various groups and general public pertaining to a variety of life safety topics.


Entry-Level: No experience required.

Lateral candidates:

1. In order to qualify as a Lateral Hire, at the time of the application, applicants must be:

A.   Currently employed as a paid full time firefighter employed by a state, county, or municipal fire department; OR

B.   A retired firefighter who voluntarily separated (within the last 12 months) as a paid full-time firefighter from a state, county, or municipal fire department; OR

C.  A former paid firefighter who separated (within the last 12 months) as a result of lay-offs from full time employment by a state, county, or municipal fire department; WITH

D.  A minimum of two years firefighting experience while employed as a paid full-time firefighter by a state, county, or municipal fire department.

2. At the time of application, Lateral Hire applicants will be required to submit all applicable training records, transcripts and/or certifications. At the time of application, applicants must possess and provide copies of the following certifications/accreditations:

A.  State Firefighter II certification (must meet ProBoard/IFSAC accreditation);

B.  Hazardous Materials Operations certification (must meet ProBoard/IFSAC accreditation);

C.  Current State of North Carolina or National Registry EMT certification;  and

D.  A current Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification (must meet Healthcare Provider or Professional Rescuer qualification).

Training:  Equivalent to completion of the twelfth grade.


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