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The Edmond Fire Department located in central Oklahoma will be accepting applications for the rank of firefighter beginning at 8:00 am on Monday, May 17th, 2021.  Applications will be accepted until 5:00 pm on Friday, June 4th, 2021.  Applications may be filled out and submitted online at


Further information concerning the hiring process will be posted on the website.


What to expect from the Hiring Process

The hiring process for the Edmond Fire Department takes approximately 4 months to complete.  There are several steps included that the interested individual MUST complete prior to being considered for employment.  This is a competitive process that is based on individual performance to continue from submittal of application to employment.


·         City of Edmond Questionnaire and Application

·         Written Examination (June 14th-18th, 2021)

o   Free study guides available through Edmond Fire Department. (information will be forwarded to you once application has been accepted)

o   Enhanced study guides and practice test available at (at individuals’ expense)

o   Top 80 applicants will proceed to the CPAT portion of the hiring process

·         CPAT orientation and practice sessions (Dates to be Determined)

·         Board Interview

·         Fire Chief’s Interview

·         Polygraph Exam

·         CPI Psychological Testing

·         Various Background Checks

·         State Pension Board Physical

·         Post Offer Pre-Placement Physical Screening


Minimum Requirements for Firefighters


·         Citizen of the United States or have Resident Alien Status

·         Minimum 18 years of age

·         Must be able to complete 22 years of service prior to age 67

·         High School graduate or GED equivalent on or before June 14th, 2021.

·         Ability to perform required job functions. (See Edmond Firefighter Job Description)

·         Have an excellent history of personal conduct, behavior, and employment

·         Pass a rigid background investigation

·         Possess a valid driver’s license with the ability to obtain and Oklahoma State driver’s license


The Edmond Fire Department looks for individuals with high levels of integrity, honesty, compassion, and moral character.  A desire to serve, a strong sense of work ethic and ability to communicate well with others are very important.


Once an individual is hired, they will attend the approximately 5-month Edmond Fire Department Recruit Academy


The Edmond Fire Department appreciates your interest in their department and your choice to move forward with the application process should you choose to do so.




2021 Salary Information


·         Salary during Recruit Academy: $3360/month – $40,327

·         Salary after Recruit Academy: $5,141/month – $61,692/annual

·         Nine step, 5% increase between each step

·         Cleaning Allowance: $125/month – $1,500.00/annual


You are required to obtain and maintain an EMT-B license within the first eighteen months of employment and maintain it throughout employment.


·         EMT-B pay at $80/month; $960/annual

·         EMT-P pay at $1.30/hour $4,867/based annual


o   You must be approved by Edmond Fire Department’s Medical Director to receive this incentive.

o   Hiring preference percentage points given for EMT-B, EMT-A 5 points, EMT-P 5 points

o   Honorably discharged veterans of the United States Armed Forces who are not currently employed full-time by the City of Edmond shall receive 5 points added to the passing score on an initial selection process.  Qualified applicants must upload or submit a copy of their DD Form 214 indicating discharge type/character of service at the time of application.


Work Schedule


Edmond Fire Department works a Modified Kelly System. In a five-day tour of duty Suppression personnel work three days with a day off between each day. At the end of the five days, you have four days off. Each shift day starts at 07:00 and ends at 07:00 the following morning. In a 28-day work period, our firefighters work nine 24 hour shifts. During their shift they train together, maintain fire apparatus, and live at the fire station.



Other Benefits Included

·         Sick leave accrued at 12 hours/month

·         Vacation leave 144 hours of leave accrued in the first year.

·         Military Leave

·         Uniforms are paid for by the department

·         Education incentive $80 for Associates, $100 for Bachelors, $120 for Masters per month

·         Oklahoma Fire Fighter Pension

·         Career Advancement Opportunities

·         Tuition reimbursement based on UCOs total resident fee for undergraduate/ 3 credits $981.


Medical and Life Insurance

The City of Edmond has several options for single or family medical insurance plans at very competitive prices. The City has a $25,000 life insurance that is provided for free. There are many optional plans to choose from included long and short-term care, additional life insurance and investment opportunities.


Edmond Fire Department History

The first Edmond Fire Company was organized in 1903. The Fire Department had one aerial ladder truck in 1903, which could carry a hose nozzle to a six-floor building. The ladder truck was pulled by a team of horses and fed water with a Bucket Brigade. Beginning in 1904, the first Edmond Fire Station was on Broadway between First and Second streets.

To apply for this job please visit