• Full Time
  • Santa Rosa, CA
  • Salary: $56.59 - $67.98 Hourly

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The City of Santa Rosa is accepting applications for Assistant Fire Marshal to fill an immediate opening in the Fire Department.

Assistant Fire Marshal is a non-management, working level supervisory position with primary responsibility for supervising fire inspection, plan review, code enforcement, public fire education and investigative work of the Fire Prevention Division of the Fire Department. Assistant Fire Marshals are responsible for attempting to resolve difficult inspection, permit issuance and enforcement problems, issues and conflicts; and to provide technical staff assistance and direction. This position will also conduct complex inspections, plan reviews and investigations as part of their regular duties.

Assignments of the open position include:Development program management and coordination
Fire Prevention inspections of existing and new buildings coordination and involvement
Fire Prevention code enforcement of existing and new buildings coordination and involvement
Fire Systems, Building and land development plan review and coordination and involvement
Fire and hazardous condition investigation
Origin and cause investigation/Hazardous Materials investigations
Attend and or present at assigned City meetings and public hearings
Development of departmental policies and procedures
Examples of Duties and Responsibilities

Essential Duties:

The following duties are considered essential for this job classification:

Supervise, train and evaluate assigned staff;
coordinate and assign inspection, permit issuance and investigation activities to enforce provisions of fire prevention, hazardous materials and fire safety laws, ordinances and other regulations;
provide technical information regarding fire codes and compliance methods and review difficult and complex inspection, permit issuance and enforcement problems, issues and conflicts independently and with other City staff, contractors, developers, architects, engineers and the public;
coordinate the orientation and training of new employees;
enforce provisions of fire prevention, hazardous materials and fire safety laws, ordinances and other regulations as interpreted by Fire Marshal;
check building plans for code compliance and consult with architects and developers when required;
research complex problems, analyze various approaches and recommend solutions;
prepare and maintain records and reports;
perform periodic and follow-up inspections of new and existing buildings, structures and installations requiring Fire Department clearances;
issue permits for public assemblies;
conduct hazardous materials inspections, issue hazardous materials permits and research technical resources concerning hazardous materials;
investigate causes of fire and collect, prepare and present evidence in court when required;
investigate complaints pertaining to violation of fire prevention laws;
issue corrective orders and citations, and assist in the service of arrest warrants as necessary;
coordinate weed abatement and vegetation management programs;
develop and coordinate fire prevention programs, such as false alarm billing, fire inspection reporting, and hazardous materials management;
approve chemically contaminated soils site management plans and supervise contaminated soils remediation activities;
conduct fire prevention and inspection training sessions for engine companies;
develop and conduct training programs and group presentations relative to fire prevention and fire investigation;
represent the Department before citizens and groups;
provide information to the public concerning fire prevention practices and procedures.
Additional Duties:

In addition to the duties listed in the Essential Duties section, each employee in this classification may perform the following duties. An incumbent in this position may not be assigned all duties listed below, nor do the examples cover all duties which may be assigned:
Participate in fire suppression training and fire suppression activities, as required;
prepare Standard Operating Procedures and inspection guides for use by Fire Department personnel;
develop staff reports, ordinances and resolutions for City Council action;
perform related duties as assigned.
Required Qualifications

Knowledge of: Principles, practices and techniques of fire prevention; department policies and procedures; federal, state and local fire prevention codes and ordinances; arrest, search and seizure procedures; principles and techniques of building inspection work; practices, procedures and equipment used in fire investigations, including the ability to recognize and collect evidence; procedures and techniques of operation of equipment such as fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems and alarms; procedures and techniques used to control hazardous materials; principles of effective supervision, training and program evaluation.

Ability to: Supervise and evaluate technical fire inspection, public fire education and investigative work of the Fire Prevention Division; train assigned staff; assist staff with complex tasks or difficult situations; analyze problems and recommend effective solutions; apply technical knowledge, follow proper inspection techniques, and detect deviations from plans, regulations, and standard safety practices; perform complex fire prevention inspection for a variety of buildings, structures, and installations; enforce a variety of codes, ordinances, and regulations pertaining to fire prevention and hazardous materials with firmness and tact; read and interpret building plans; maintain cooperative relations with builders, contractors, and the public; interpret and enforce federal, state and local fire prevention and hazardous materials codes and ordinances; identify fire hazards and recommend corrective actions; identify types and determine causes of fires; recognize, identify, and preserve evidence; effectively interview witnesses and suspects; work effectively without close supervision; comprehend and make inferences from written material; communicate effectively orally and in writing; prepare and maintain a variety of records and reports; participate in structured classroom lecture as both student and instructor; make effective presentations in front of groups; develop and conduct fire prevention and fire investigation activities.

Experience and Education: Any combination equivalent to experience and education that could likely provide the required knowledge and abilities would be qualifying. A typical way to obtain the knowledge and abilities would be: Experience – Sufficient fire prevention experience to demonstrate possession of the knowledge and abilities listed above, direct supervisory experience is highly desirable. Education – Equivalent to completion of a certificate program in Fire Technology or Fire Science from an accredited college; and California State Board of Fire Services accredited courses Fire Prevention 1A, 1B, and 1C (or Fire Inspector 1A-D ), and Fire Investigation 1A, 1B, 1C  (or Fire Investigator 1 Certification.) The following are highly desirable: Completion of an Associate of Arts Degree in Fire Technology or Fire Science and California State Board of Fire Services accredited courses Fire Instructor 1A and 1B (or Instructor 1 and 2), Fire Prevention 2A, 2B, 2C, 3A, 3B  (or Fire Inspector II and Plans Examiner Certifications) and Public Education 1A (or Community Risk Educator or Specialist);  certification as a Fire Officer and/or college course work in supervision. Must successfully complete a POST certified PC 832 course and ICC California Underground Storage Tank Inspector certification prior to completion of the probationary period, and thereafter maintain throughout employment.


This classification requires the use of a personal or City vehicle while conducting City business. Individuals must be physically capable of operating the vehicle in a safe manner, including during emergency operation and response, and must possess and maintain a valid California Class C motor vehicle operator’s license.

Incumbents must obtain an Emergency Medical Technician – 1 (EMT-1) certification and Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation certification prior to the completion of the probationary period and thereafter maintain throughout employment.

Applicants possessing the MOST DESIRABLE qualifications based on a thorough screening of the application materials, including a supplemental questionnaire, will be invited to virtual oral board interviews. The eligible list resulting from this recruitment MAY be used to fill ongoing positions in the near future if needed.

Additional Information


Incumbents assigned to this classification, when performing actual fire cause investigations or other fire prevention activities, will be required to work outdoors in a variety of weather conditions; tolerate very hot and very cold temperatures; move debris and dirt or other material using a shovel or rake; walk over rough, uneven or rocky surfaces; work at heights greater than 10 feet; climb ladders or steps to reach objects; wear a self-contained breathing apparatus; hear alarms and other auditory warning devices; observe or monitor objects, such as fire protection equipment and systems, buildings and underground storage tanks, or data, such as underground tank test results, to comply with safety standards; work in small, cramped areas; use common hand tools; bend or stoop repeatedly or continually over time; use stomach and lower back muscles to support the body; perform physical inventories; discriminate among colors or match colors of wiring systems and color coded valves and piping; move objects, such as portable generators, tools, equipment and evidence, weighing up to 50 pounds over long distances; stand or walk for extended periods of time with the inability to rest at will; and use arms above shoulder level. When not performing duties in the field, incumbents work in an indoor office setting and are required to enter data into a terminal, PC or keyboard device; produce written documents using proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling; use graphic instructions, blueprints and layouts as part of the plan review process when checking for code compliance; and sit for extended periods of time with the ability to move at will.

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