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Las Vegas Fire & Rescue is an I.S.O. Class One fire department.

Career Opportunity
The City of Las Vegas invites applications for Firefighter Trainee.

This is the entry level class in the Firefighter series.  This class is distinguished from the Firefighter in that entry level positions have not achieved successful completion of the city of Las Vegas Fire Training Academy.

Supervision Received

Receives immediate supervision from higher level supervisory staff and training instructors.

Essential Functions:

Participate in Fire Academy training program and in on-the-job training activities; drill with engine company members; attend special instruction sessions in firefighting, rescue and emergency medical procedures and techniques.
Learn the proper procedures for responding to fire incidents, including laying lines of hose, directing streams of water, carrying and setting up ladders and other equipment, including motorized equipment, ventilating buildings, performing rescue work and cleaning up after fires to limit water damage.
Learn the proper procedures and techniques for rendering first aid and emergency medical assistance.
Learn to clean and service firefighting apparatus and equipment, including motorized equipment; test and wash hose; and other equipment.
Learn and follow all applicable safety procedures.
Meet the criteria established by the department for acceptable performance at each step or level of training in order to progress to the next level.
May be required to drive city vehicles to pick up supplies and equipment or to drive to and from training exercises.
Marginal Functions:

Perform related duties and responsibilities as required.

Must be 18 years of age on the date of application.
Possession of a high school diploma or equivalent on the date of application.
Possession of a current Nevada State or National Registry Emergency Medical Technician certificate on the date of conditional job offer and maintenance thereafter. For the 2023 academy, EMT or paramedic certification will be required by December 15, 2022. If the EMT certificate will expire on or around these dates, written confirmation from the certifying agency must be submitted in lieu of an EMT certificate. The letter must include the date the EMT certificate will be achieved or renewed with the new expiration date, and must be followed by submission of the renewed EMT certificate at the earliest opportunity.
The Firefighter Trainee recruitment will only accept a copy of the candidate’s State of Nevada or National Registry EMT certificate or written confirmation (must show expiration date on certificate or paperwork).
Must meet current physical condition requirements on the date of appointment.

Updated verification of CPAT completion and EMT certificate status will be required for future academies.

Knowledge of:

Basic mathematical principles.
Basic mechanical principles.
Spatial relationships.

Ability to:

Learn to understand and act in accordance with departmental policies, rules and instructions in the field of firefighting.
Work under strict discipline and follow orders.
Demonstrate mechanical aptitude as required in the operation of fire fighting equipment.
Demonstrate physical aptitude as required by essential functions.
Read, understand and retain the information in technical materials, rules, regulations and procedures related to firefighting.
Read street maps and navigate streets.
Learn to operate and perform basic service and troubleshooting on small motors.
Learn to operate all fire fighting equipment, both manually operated and motorized.
Learn to analyze emergency situations and quickly determine effective courses of action.
Learn the layout of the city’s water main system and street numbering system.
Learn to read and interpret geographic information systems maps.
Learn to identify various hazardous materials.
Learn and follow all applicable safety procedures.
Retain presence of mind in emergency situations.
Observe the details of a situation and act accordingly.
Think and act quickly and effectively in emergencies.
Understand and follow oral and written directions promptly and accurately.
Operate and maintain voice radio equipment.
Work in adverse physical locations and conditions.
Perform heavy lifting and physical maneuvering.
Communicate clearly, concisely and effectively, both orally and in writing.
Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.
Maintain physical condition to perform essential duties as specified by firefighter certification.
Maintain physical condition appropriate to the performance of assigned duties and responsibilities which may include the following:
— Performing life threatening firefighting activities in an emergency situation;
— Running, walking, crouching or crawling during emergency operations;
— Moving equipment and injured or deceased persons;
— Climbing stairs/ladders;
— Performing life-saving and rescue procedures;
— Walking, standing or sitting for extended periods of time; and
— Operating assigned equipment and vehicles.
Effectively deal with personal danger which may include exposure to:
— Fire encompassed surroundings;
— Dangerous persons;
— Dangerous animals;
— Hazards of emergency driving;
— Hazards associated with traffic control and working in and near traffic; and
— Natural and man-made disasters.
Maintain effective audio-visual discrimination and perception needed for:
— Making observations;
— Communicating with others;
— Reading and writing; and
— Operating assigned equipment and vehicles.
Maintain mental capacity which allows the capability of:
— Exercising sound judgment and rational thinking under dangerous circumstances;
— Evaluating various options and alternatives and choose an appropriate and reasonable course of action; and
— Demonstrating intellectual capabilities during training and testing processes.


Core Workforce Competencies

Professionalism – Demonstrates core values by being honest, respectful and positive.

Effective Communication – Expresses verbal and written thought in a clear and understandable manner.

Customer Focus – Demonstrates genuine concern and satisfies external and/or internal customers based on the CLV core purpose and values.

Adaptability – Able to effectively modify behavior to suit changing workforce demands.

Problem Solving – Solves problems by considering all causes, solutions and outcomes.

Productive Partnerships – Develops, maintains and strengthens partnerships with others.

Technical and Safety Expertise – Possesses a depth of knowledge, skill and ability in a technical (job) area.

EXAMINATION PROCEDURES: A civil service examination will be conducted in accordance with the Civil Service Rules of the city of Las Vegas. Those applicants meeting the minimum requirements will be invited to participate in the written exam weighted 50%, and those candidates with a minimum score of 70% or higher will be invited to participate in the Candidate Firefighter Physical Assessment weighted 50%.  Those with a combined score of 70% or higher will placed on an eligible list.

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