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Under general direction, this non-sworn mid-management classification provides skilled and professional level administrative, budgetary and financial support to the management staff of the Fire Department.

Essential functions of the job include, but are not limited to, the following:
Prepares and reviews reports for presentation to the City Council, Fire Chief, City Manager, and community groups or organizations.

Initiates letters, memos, requisitions, budget forms, and personnel transactions forms.

Keeps abreast of Department rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and current and emerging trends and practices in all aspects of the fire service or law enforcement.

May assist in the review and evaluation of employee’s job performance and recommend appropriate personnel action.

Researches, investigates and analyzes Department operations and administrative issues, including functions, organization structures, record procedures involving forms, documents and payrolls, work output and workload, expense control, layout and equipment.

Prepares organization and work flow charts, spreadsheets, policy and procedural manuals and written reports.

Assists in the preparation of Department budget, and monitors expenditures. Oversees the Accounts Payable responsibilities of the Department.

Plans, organizes, prepares materials and makes presentations at meetings.

Researches public and private grant programs and assists in preparation of grant applications.  Assists in negotiating and preparing contracts between the City and community service providers.  Monitors contract compliance. Monitors contract compliance

Researches and tracks legislation and conducts surveys and studies related to community or department projects.  Analyzes resulting data and prepares oral or written presentations.

Attends workshops and seminars and presents information to appropriate personnel for follow-up action.  Serves as Department liaison with other departments or outside agencies.  Confers with City officials and employees on matters of administration, finance, and operation.

Assists in special projects undertaken for purposes of standardization, efficiency, and economy. Assists in development and design of programs based on need.

Assists in preparing Requests for Proposals and managing contracts.

Plans and coordinates programs and/or projects and submits required related reports to other governmental agencies.

Plans, designs and implements monitoring systems.

Coordinates resources from other departments within the City to develop and implement projects or programs.

Prepares and presents formal written and oral reports to City Manager, City Council, department heads and other government agencies.

Represents the City or Department to non-profit organizations, other government agencies, and the general public.
May drive on City business as necessary.

Ensures Department services are provided with exceptional customer service and the highest level of ethical standards.

Assumes responsibility for ensuring the duties of this position are performed in a safe, efficient manner.

Performs other related duties as assigned or as the situation requires.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
Knowledge of:
Budgetary process and procedures as well as accounting and finance administration.
Department policies, procedures, rules, regulations and responsibilities.
Grant administration requirements and practices
Municipal procurement practices and regulations.
Principles of management, administration, supervision, and training.
The Public Records Act.

Skill in:
Applying common sense and logic in decision-making.
Conflict/complaint resolution.
Financial analysis.
Public speaking and presentation.

Ability to:
Communicate effectively in English, both orally and in writing.
Conduct methodical research and draft complex analytical financial reports.
Contribute to long and short term strategic planning.
Handle confidential information with discretion.
Establish and maintain smooth working relationships, resolve interpersonal conflicts, and deal tactfully with all levels of employees and the public.
Maintain automated purchasing and payroll records.
Model and practice the highest standards of ethical conduct.
Prepare spreadsheets, charts and graphs utilizing a personal computer and automated spreadsheet software.
Provide exceptional customer service.
Effectively train and supervise subordinates.
Foster a teamwork environment.
Lead, coach, instruct and motivate employees.
Review and evaluate employees’ job performance.

Other Characteristics
Willingness to:
Plan, initiate, and effectively recommend and carry out personnel actions.
Work necessary hours and times to accomplish goals, objectives and required tasks in a timely manner.
Assume responsibility for maintaining a safe working environment.

One year of responsible experience in a public safety agency performing administrative work involving the preparation of budgets, fiscal analysis, contract administration, or personnel management.

Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration, Business Administration, or a related field.

Valid California Class C driver’s license.

Special Conditions
Smoking is not permitted inside fire facilities or vehicles or while in uniform. Requires wearing uniforms, headsets and working in a closely situated work area. TATTOO POLICY: Unless otherwise exempted, no employee of the GFD shall have any visible tattoos or other skin markings. Tattoos, or other skin markings, shall be covered while on duty with a long-sleeved uniform shirt, long-sleeved work t-shirt, work pants, sweat pants or a tattoo wrap/sleeve (100% cotton-NFPA compliant) approved by the Department. Cosmetic tattoos on the face (e.g. eye brows, eye liner, and lip liner) and wedding band tattoos on the ring finger will be reviewed by the Fire Chief on a case by case basis. Marks or scars from injuries or medical procedures are exempt from these policy restrictions. For further information regarding this policy, please contact Human Resources at (818) 548-2110.

Background Investigation
A comprehensive background investigation will be conducted on all finalists, which will review and verify personal history including, but not limited to financial responsibility, criminal history, drug use history, driving record, and verification of application materials. Significant issues or omissions in the above-stated areas may be grounds for disqualification. Background investigation will include Livescan fingerprinting and a polygraph.

Promotional Eligibility
Any City of Glendale employee who meets the minimum qualifications for this position, has completed probation or six months of City employment, and is occupying a permanent full-time classification on file in the Human Resources Department. Hourly City employees may be considered, provided that they furnish proof of continuous employment immediately preceding the final filing date, which would equal a minimum of six months of full-time service or 1040 part-time hours. (Civil Service Rule VIII 4-E).

An equivalent combination of experience, education and/or training may substitute for the listed minimum requirements.