The all girl’s fire camps below do not only show the young ladies what it takes to be a firefighter, but they also show them what it takes to be a strong independent woman. Young girls learn some leadership and follower ship and just over all confidence building. Using firefighting as a medium to do that. The participants learn about fire behavior, fire service history, physical fitness, nutrition, CPR and fire extinguishers but more importantly they learn about pushing past limits, encouraging each other and working as a team.

Camp Bailout
“Camp Bailout!” is a unique program for teenage girls to explore options for females within the fire and emergency medical service professions.

Camp Blaze
BLAZE, a special project of iWomen, is an enthusiastic and talented group of women firefighters putting on weeklong “fire camps” — intensive orientations to firefighting — for young women, ages 16-19.

Camp Fully Involved
Camp Fully Involved is a physically challenging, aggressive hands-on, live-in week long summer camp directed towards young women between the ages of 14 (and having completed the 8th grade) and 20 who are interested in exploring the career of a firefighter.

CampHERO is an exciting new summer camp designed to help girls develop courage, gain confidence and build character while introducing them to the protective services. Girls get to explore their interests and skills through hands-on activities, taught by real Police Officers, Firefighters, EMT/Paramedics and Dispatchers!

Camp Ignite
A camp created to build the confidence and character of high school aged girls while introducing them to the Fire Department and other public services.

Phoenix Firecamp
Phoenix Firecamp is an overnight camp, held annually, the third full week of July at the Utica Fire Academy in Utica, NY. Campers live in a restored Utica firehouse for the week where their classroom exercises take place. Campers are then transported to the training grounds for hands-on training. Social activities and team building are held at the Westmoreland Volunteer Fire Department in Westmoreland, NY. Campers must be between the ages of 14-19.

Portland Metro Fire Camp

This three day camp exposes the 16 to 19 year old ladies about the career of firefighting, but also empowers them and shows them what they are truly capable of.  On day one the campers get issued a set of turnouts and are placed into engine company’s that they will be working with as a team for the duration of the camp.  Some of the tasks that the campers are asked to do both as a team and individually are taking a hydrant, extending a hose line, chopping a hole in a roof, search and rescue, low angle rope rescue, emergency medical services, and many more.  These tasks force the campers to work together as a team and problem solve to come up with the best possible solutions to many different problems they are faced with, much like what professional firefighters do on a daily basis.